Monday, September 24, 2012

Missing you!

I am sooooooooo tired of not having a computer. I feel like I've had my right hand chopped off, Okay a bit melodramatic, but wow, I've practically vaporized out of digiland! Lucky for me, my husband is in for a bit and I can play on his. He doesn't NOT have any graphic programs so I am still designing and scrapbooking challenged, but at least I can drop in and say hello to the world :) I've also decided to start putting back up some older kits, after thinking about where I got my photos for my kits, I don't think I'll be stepping on any toes, I don't have them all saved to an outside source, but I have a few. So today I'll upload links for the Huck Finn kit- I've had several requests for it lately and it is easier to just put it back up here for everyone :)


  1. There you are, glad to hear you are ok I was wondering. Oh I love these colors on this kit, they are so striking together. Thanks for letting us know you are doing ok and still have both your hands :) and thank you for huck!

  2. wow so really fantastic Kit))))