Friday, March 16, 2012

How about a template!!

Are you feeling lazy today, I surely hope I'm not the only one out there! I have been in a lazydazy mood lately, and I made these templates a couple weeks ago, and thought they might be fun for someone else who is in a lazy mood and wants a quick start to a layout :) I know they aren't the typical little cluster templates that everyone is doing, but hopefully some of you will find them useful anyways:)

Here are some samples done with the templates:

Template 1:

From my sweet, sweet friend Maca who is always so kind and encouraging:

and one from me:

Template 2:

from me:

From Amber Morrison this super cute example:

Template 3

From the sweet and amazing designer Ann Dahlberg

Template 4:

Ann Dahlberg and her amazing art!!

this precious layout from Verena:


  1. Hello,
    I can't find a link for the templates. They look wonderful.

  2. great templates and all the layouts are beautiful!

  3. Thank you, I hope you can use them :)

    1. I love the look of the templates ...but they are causing my program to there anyway to split the kit....xx Thanks....

  4. Sure sweetie, I can do that, but before I do, they are layered photoshop templates that should be compatible with 7.0 and higher. Will that work for you, or should I do something else with them??

  5. Johanna, would you mind emailing me so maybe we can work together and figure it out for you. Thanks,

  6. Super nice templates and pages by your friends! Thanks!

  7. Amazing templates and pages! Thanks

  8. Oh, Lynnise my dear friend, thank you so much for posted my layouts for your blog. Love your templates! Have a nice week. Hugs! Maca