Monday, March 12, 2012

Trying something new- need some advice!

You know It's not like I don't have a kazillion things going on in my life, so I am completely baffled by my mind's ability to get bored even when I'm so busy I can't see straight! Can any of you relate, or am I floating out here in the sea of nutty, nutty nutcake all by myself??

Here I am 2 days away from a major art competition at school, with dozens of elementary, jr. high and high school competition entries to get bagged and tagged. I'm trying to get my own lazy boys to get their projects done, trying to get grades ready because they are due tomorrow, needing to clean my kitchen sink, where by the way, my cup doth truly run over- as does my sink, my dishwasher and my counter tops) And what am I doing? Piddling on the computer, trying to learn how to make scrapbook pages with kit items that are more paper-like. Seriously I wish I could rewire my lefty brain, so I could prioritize better,and stay focused on the task at hand! However, since I'm pretty sure that's a lost cause, I'm going to ask for a little advice from my paperly scrapper friends out there.

Here are some layouts that I've done for digiridoo, now mind you all the products are quite gorgeous, but not the photo-realistic style I typically work with, and may I just say, I am less than happy with my results, as a matter of fact, I think they are quite doodyish!! So please, please, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.. Any advice you all could give me would be a HUGE blessing!( and I am NOT fishing for praise here, I need some hard core advice!!!)

From Sarah Barber:

From: Truman Studios, Honey Bee, and Feli:

From Digiridoo Colab:

From Dana's Footprint:

From Feli:

From Dana's Footprint:

From Viva Artistry Snaps and Scraps:


  1. I think they are really quite nice!

  2. Sorry I don't have any suggestions, either. They're all good pages. :) Thanks for the freebies!

  3. Just an observation, the same as what I feel sometimes about my own layouts ~ I can't seem to get the scale of the elements right when working with them digitally. In many cases, the elements are too large in size, overpowering the photo and other aspects of the page. The layouts themselves (the arrangement of everything on the page) looks great!

  4. thanks for your help ladies, Mary I like your suggestion, to make the elements smaller, I might give that a go on the next one, thanks so much!