Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Journaling Challenge

LiaScraps- Greeny Easter

I did this layout for a journaling challenge on a paper site. The journaling reads:
"We drifted for hours in the middle of the vast calm ocean which sprawled beneath and around us as far as the eyes could see. We were waiting for something to happen. What exactly, we never quite knew; but the anticipation of the unknown left us with an inexplicable feeling of exhilaration tinged with just the faintest hint of fear. What would this current adventure bring us?
We'd been in this place many times before; sometimes with our lives barely intact, having narrowly outsmarted the unseen monsters lurking just beneath our dangling toes. Other times we'de simply drifted. Sharing our secrets, both innocent and not, in that tender way that only sisters with the closest of bonds could possibly know. This was our life. This was the world of our imagination.
Of course, it was really only a blanket in the midst of a grassy field and two imaginative young girls at play, but in our minds it was a place of wonder, being constantly transformed into fanciful new realms each passing summer. Sadly, it is a place my children will likely never know, as the passing of time, has dimmed the light from those imaginative places and the thieving marauder known as technology has stolen the innocence from their young minds.
But, I will always remember our adventures and they will forever occupy the corner of my mind where I keep the most precious of memories!"

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  1. Love your story! I,too, remember those fanciful days of my childhood. So sad that our children and grandchildren, at least lots of them, won't experience this magical feeling.