Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Doin the Scrappy Happy Dance!!!

I probably shouldn't admit this, but i have some serious envy issues. I envy everything about this designer. I envy her amazing imagination. I envy her painting abilities, I envy where she sells. I envy her mastery of color. I envy her ability to mimic nature, heck I even envy her hair, which is fiery red. Maybe it's her resemblance to Pippi Longstocking, or the fact that she designs from a loft. She is the consummate artists muse in my eyes! She doesn't know me from Adam, I'm not on her team, and I benefit in no way from telling you this. I am just telling you this because I want you to look like a fool doing the happy dance in your living room right along with me! I just need to know I'm not the only crazy loon out there!  Run, don't walk over to www.scrapbookgraphics.com and check out the amazing products from Lori Davison. Normally I can't afford her work, as she is arguably one of the priciest designers out there, albeit she is still probably seriously undercharging for the amazing quality and quantity of goodies in her kits. Nonetheless, 17 bucks is a LOT for one kit when you are broker than a light bulb under a piano. Today and tomorrow; however, life is good and LORI IS ON SALE!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  do you hear me screamin, I said, LORI IS ON SALE! It only happens once a year from what I gather and tomorrow is your last day,   so get moving! Here is a layout I did with one of her kits. It took no time at all to make this loveliness why should it? Lori did all the hard work for me. Oh I just love her!
Wait are you still here? Oiy get outta here you are running out of time!!

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